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Chinese Jinan link 2000*3000mm laser cutting machine for steel | Инструменты

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Chinese Jinan link 2000*3000mm laser cutting machine for steel

Product Description
Real pictures with different angle
Advantages with detailed pictures

1. Ball screw transmission 

Compared with belt transmission , high precision with fast speed .



2. Servo motor andriver

This machine equipped with Japan Yaskawa Servo Motor and Driver .

Compared with stepper motor and Yako driver , can be ensured fast speed . 



3. Ruida 6332M control system Controller and LFS-PM-T43 controller

1)Original new version Ruida 6332M control system, support phone (using WIFI) or DSP


2)LFS-PM-T43 live focus system use for metal and non-metal mixing cutting system

developed by Ruida Company.  4.3 inch TFT Colorful, touch screen,Real time Status and

date display, humanistic operational interface. 

3)High speed USB data transmission interface, download speed is up to 500kb/s 

4)The control panel has 12 language for optional,such as Chinese,English,French, Portuguese,

Spanish, Russian, German, Korean,Japanese and so on.

5)It supports multiple graphic formats, such as PLT / DXF / BMP / JPG / GIF / PGN / TIF and 

so on. 

6)This machine is equipped with Control System for CorelDraw/AutoCAD and other advance 


7)Very easy-operating control board and you can also see the engraving path 

from the control board.


4. Professional Laser head

Just one year time,we have improve the laser head three times ,many factory is still use the first

or second one.

At present the latest generation is the most perfect of laser head, compared to the 

previous two generations,it has many advantages ,such as higher precision, better 

stability,more convenient to adjust.

And it is also the most popular design for customers.


5. Co2 Laser Tube ( Original Reci laser tube , Best brand in china ) 

Using life :8000-10000 hours

Global Warranty 12 months


6. Bracket of co2 laser tube 

We not only use the best brand laser tube, in order to make the laser tube to play the best results

,for the auxiliary components ,we have also made constantly improvements, such as laser tube

bracket, lens bracket, etc.


7. Laser supplier matched with the laser tube

Laser power supplier installed Independent , compared with the general install together with 

other Electrical Equipment,  it can Reduce interference of other 

Electrical Equipment this can ensure the better performance of the laser power .


 8. Two sets of 550W exhaust fan


9.Water chiller CW5200 To Cool Laser tube and Longer the lifetime of Laser tube. Supporting upgradation to CW6000 with extra payment. water chillerCW5200.jpg
 Technical parameters with detailed data



Product name

LXJ2030-H cnc laser cutting machine

Processing area


Laser power

W6 (130W-160W)  W8 (150W-180W)  280W 300W

Laser tube type:

Co2 glass laser tube

Cooling mode:

Water cooling and protection system

Resetting positioning accuracy:


Compatible Software:

Laser cut, compatiable for CorelDraw  AutoCAD  Photoshop 

Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Cutting thickness

0-30mm acrylic (others determined by materials)

Resolution ratio


Position system:

Red dot



Support graphic format


Driving mode:

stepper motor with Yako driver

Cooling mode:

Circulation water cooling / water pump or water chiller

Working voltage:

AC220V±10%, 50 - 60Hz 

Operating temperature


Operating humidity:



Up and down working table

Rotary attachment for column materials


wooden box

Guarantee time:

2 years, laser tube 10 months with global


Video to tell customer how to operate the machine

Application with different sample's pictures

Co2 hybrid laser cutting machine is mainly working on thin metal and nonmetal materials . 


Thin metal : 0-3mm stainless steel , carbon steel etc . 

Nonmetal : wood , PVC , MDF , acrylic , stone , paper , fabric , leather , planks (light planks, paulownia wood), bamboo ware.Double color sheets, shells, coconut shells.ox horns, resin,

animal grease, ABS boards, lampshade, etc.

Packaging & Shipping


Shipping with packaging pictures
Our Services


Professional Services in All aspects

Free Pre-Sales Consulting / Free Sample Marking

We offer 12 hours quick pre-sales response and free consulting. Any kind of technical support are available for users. 
Free Sample Making is available. 
Free Sample Testing is available. 
We offer progressing solution design to all the distributor and users. 

7-10 Days Quick Delivery 
All the items are ready in our warehouse to ensure a fast delivery time. We offer 7-10 days quick delivery time. For big machine and special requirement, we will trade you as the priority customer and to produce your cargo in the first time.

2 Years Quality Guarantee 
We offer 2 year guarantee for our machinery and 8 months guarantee for laser tube.

12 hours Quick Feedback & After-Sales Service 
We will offer "Training Video", "Instruction Book" to you, which is easily to learn and operate. 
We will supply brochures for simple trouble-shootings of the machine, which will help you dealing with the common problems happened to the machine. 
We will offer plenty of technical support online, just like detailed technical and installation instructions. For example, when you have a maintenance problem, we will make a video with completed and detailed operation process according to the problem.

Quick Back-up Parts Available & Technical Assistance 
Our extensive inventory of spare parts means replacements get shipped to you as quickly as possible. Immediate technical assistance is only an email or phone call away. 

Special Designing, Customized, OEM Order is accepted 
We are willing to help you to realize your special idea and requirement by our innovative ability. So please do not hesitate to contact us when you need special design or customized machine and OEM machines.

Company Information



   Jinan LINK manufacture and trading co,.LTD is a high-tech modern enterprise integrating the R&D,production and sale. Our company has successfully developed co2 laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine series products under advanced technology and professional management. We have obtained the trust and support of domestic and foreign users with high quality products and complete service systems.


We will serve you sincerely and warmly welcome customers from domestic and overseas.

  • Oridnary laser cutting machines
  • Co2 hybrid laser cutting machine for thin metal and non-metal materials
  • Multi-heads co2 laser cutting machine
  • Co2 laser cutter with auto feeding system for cloth fabric leather
  • Fiber laser marking machine for metal and nonmetal
  • Fiber cutting machine
Contact us

 Address: Room2502,Buiding14,ZhongyangPark,








    Mob: +86 13361081609





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