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Custom Name Owl Indicator Baby Nursery Removable Wall Sticker DIY Decals Kids Room Children Home Decor | Дом и сад

Наличие: На складе



1. Deal for decoration, suitable for any clean smooth wall , tiles, windows, metal, closet, plastic; 
2. Easy to use and remove; 
3. Fashionable design and high quality; 
4. Durable, washable and scrubbed (soft brush). 


Top Vinyl Quality with Transparent Edges

Perfect for Any Colored Walls  


Note: 1. Because of the low temperature of air transportation, wall stick's viscosity will decline. Please stick it after you heating it with a hair dryer. 2. Wall sticker is very easy to have creases in the packaging and transportation , please wiped it flat when you stick it, crease will lose! 


Attention please (extremely important): If the wall is very rough, textured, rugged,lumpy,and not smooth, please do not buy, this product can only be applied to the smooth wall !!!


After purchase ,please let me know 3 things    

1- Name _____ 

2- Color  _____

(default color will be blush)

Please refer to the Color Chart to get the color you like 

3-Font (if you do not say, the similar font shown in the main picture will be offered)

4-Attention: the size of the effect photo has been purposely expanded for you to see more clearly. Please refer to the product description to get the real size.

5-Due to the difference of the computer screen, the real colors maybe slightly different to what you see in the computer.




  Baby-Nursery-Custom-Name-Owl-Indicator-Wall-Sticker-DIY-Baby-Name-Wall-Decals-Kids-Room-Children (1)Baby-Nursery-Custom-Name-Owl-Indicator-Wall-Sticker-DIY-Baby-Name-Wall-Decals-Kids-Room-Children




Instructions for use:

1) Choose a smooth, clean and dry surface.

2) Peel the stickers from the sheet one by one.

3) Position the adhesive on a plane surface without pressing them, so that it lets possibility to withdraw them and reposition again, if needed...

4) If the result is satisfactory for you, stick firmly to the surface pressing the air bubbles outwards.

5) If you have bubbles, take a needle to bore them.

how to usepayment



  • Q:How do I pay for my purchase?
    A: we accept the following payment methods: credit card; moneybooker;T/T;western union.
  • Q:How much does it cost to ship to my country?
    A:Package less than 2 Kg will be shipped by China Post Airmail which is free shipping to the 26 countries as following: United States; United Kingdom; Australia; Brazil; Canada; Italy; Turkey; Spain; Malaysia; France; Russia; Sweden; New Zealand; Norway; Switzerland; Japan; Thailand; Ireland; Israel; Belgium; Poland; South Korea; Austria; Germany; Denmark; Singapore.
    Other countries and package over 2 Kg, buyers have to afford entire shipping cost.
  • Q:Is there any tracking Number for my item?
    A: Yes, we ship every order with their Tracking Number, and you can view the shipment staus on the corresponding website.
  • Q:Does this product come with retail package?
    A: We have declared the packing detail on the description of each product, please check it, thank you!
  • Q:I am a reseller,I would like to buy many pieces of your item, what's the wholesale price?
    A: Hi,thanks for your inquiry, if you would like to buy large quantity, please send email to us, we will give you the best price, thanks! 


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